Friday, March 28, 2014

Jamie Foxx, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield in Singapore

So I had a long and tiring but fun day yesterday. It all started about two weeks ago when my friend Ray told me about the Mediacorp competition to win Red Carpet tickets to meet the cast of the Amazing Spiderman 2.

I had no expectation of winning but I did write my 100 words about why I should meet the cast. Obviously being a writer didn't hold any weight as I did not win that competition but I did find out on Monday that I had won a pair of passes to the Spiderman 2 Red Carpet at the Marina Bay Sands skating rink and the press conference after that.

Setting up the Red Carpet

As instructed I turned up at noon to pick up my passes and to catch up with Ray. Some fans were already in line and the first 250 winners would get a free Blue Ray DVD. Yes, I got one! Now all I have to do is get a blue ray player!

Now to gain entry to the red carpet area you had to wear a blue wristband, hold a spiderman mask on a stick, which could also serve as a fan and a Spiderman cap. We were told spots along the red carpet would be on a first come, first serve basis, so we were determined to be among the first to claim our spot.

Joyce turned up and we all sat around chatting and sharing stories with the other fans who were there. The thing with these types of events is that it's always good to have company as the wait can be long and very tiring.

Finally at 4:15pm, security started admitting people and Ray and I jumped in immediately and we were among the first five in line. Then the fans started streaming in.
Thankfully we found our spot, right along the red carpet and then the waiting began. Staff sporting blue or red Spiderman t-shirts raced up and down the red carpet, checking their schedules every now and then before conferring with one another. 

Then a host of fans dressed as Electro and Spiderman turned up and walked the  red carpet before the official Spiderman of the event showed up and performed his 'spidey' leaps and poses for the fans and press.

Then things got into full swing when director Mark Webb arrived on a tram and started signing autographs and talking to the press. He then made his way over to us and he signed my poster.

When Oscar winner, Jamie Foxx, arrived a few minutes later, all hell broke loose. The crowd surged forward and the barricades began to buckle. I was afraid for 7-year-old fan Mikayala would get crushed.  "Stop, pushing" I snapped and Ray and I  tried to lean back from the barricades, hoping to push the crowds back somewhat. But it didn't work. Maybe if one of us had let out a toxic fart, it might have.

Jamie Foxx slowly made his way over to us and as I asked him to sign my poster, I dropped my pen! Sorry, Mr. Foxx. He and his minder kindly retrieved my sharpie before he signed the poster for me.

Right before I dropped my pen.

Next on the red carpet was the stunning Emma Stone. The crowd went wild and the pushing and shoving increased and once again the barricades began to tilt. "Stop shoving!" Ray and I snapped to no avail. At that point, security came over towards us and began to push the barricades back. 

They positioned themselves right in front of us and I was afraid that Emma might just pass by us completely. Her minder assured us and she came over and signed my poster. She was really sweet with Mikayla, the 7 year old fan. 

I gave her two copies of my book as a souvenir and she kindly thanked me before she moved on to accommodate as many of the other fans as she could.

Now we had to wait for Andrew Garfield to make his way over to us. The crowd still continued pushing and Andrew's minder came over and asked me to lift Mikayla over the barricade so she could stand on the red carpet. 

And when Andrew came over he took a few minutes to chat with her and asked her how she was. I told him she was getting squashed.

With that he continued signing autographs for the rest of the fans.
Ray, Joyce and I took a while to leave the scrum of fans and then we went to the Mastercard Theatre for the press conference. But Ray and I left when they said no photography was permitted which was the most absurd thing I've ever heard. No photographs at a press conference? Really?

Well that was the only downside of the whole day. We left tired but happy. Unfortunately I lost my camera bag, a rosary in the cab that I took on the way home. To make matters worse, my computer crashed later that night and that's why it took me so long to post this.

Now you've still got a chance to catch the stars at the floating platform tonight, Saturday 29. And remember to switch off the power for an hour for Earth Hour tonight.

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