Monday, February 24, 2014

School visit to Overseas Family School

So after a few days at the ISS, Emma and I headed next door to the Overseas Family School for two days of joint talks before an audience of over 120 second graders. Now I've paid visits to OFS for the past four years, but it's always been to invididual classes but this year it was very different as neither of us have spoken before such a large group, and while it was slightly nerve-wracking, it was still fun.

The kids were great, as always. Denise was on hand to snap a couple of snapshots and of the session. Then with that our talks for book week were over. Thanks to Kavita and Shalini for very kindly arranging the school visit. It was great! So thanks so much, ladies.

While Emma is off to the UK late next month a head of the Bologna and London Book Fairs, I'll be making my next school visit to Quayside Prep School at Sentosa Cove and I'm really looking forward to it!

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