Monday, November 4, 2013

SWF: Tibby the Tiger Bunny and The Robot in my Playground Book Launch

Pauline Lo, Emily Lim and Christine from Epigram

On Saturday afternoon I found myself at the SMU campus for the joint book launch of  award-winning authors Emily Lim's and Pauline Lo's books Tibby the Tiger Bunny and The Robot in My Playground; both ladies are my fellow authors at Epigram Books.

Also in attendance representing Epigram were Edmund, Sheri, Christine, and Ilangoh. Kenneth, Catherine, Sarah and I were there to show support for team SCBWI. And course I bought the books!
Tibby the Tiger Bunny
The Robot in My Playground
Emily, Catherine, and Jade (Photo: C. Carvell)

It's needless to say that the book launch was packed and Emily brought along her  adorably energetic son Caleb, to whom she dedicated her book.

After the launch we caught up with Evelyn and headed for a post-book launch tea at one of the many establishments on the SMU campus. Now that was a lot of fun!!

Sarah, Kenneth and Sheri 
Pauline, Edmund and Avina

Emily Lim and Caleb.

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