Friday, October 25, 2013

Dinner with Jacquie Harvey @ Jumbo Seafood

L to R: Sarah, Simon, Jeff, Catherine, Jacqueline, Emma, Evelyn

Best selling author Jacqueline Harvey's back in town for school visits before heading off on a promotional tour of the UK for her best-selling Alice-Miranda and Clementine Rose books. (If you haven't started reading them yet, what are you waiting for?) So we, of course, had to take the opportunity to catch up with her for dinner. 

So last week, Catherine, Emma and I went for a food tasting at Jumbo Seafood Riverside Point. We're getting rather good at food tasting if I say so myself; we must have been royal food tasters in previous lifetimes. After our extremely well-honed and sophisticated palates were convinced that the cuisine was suitable for a best-selling author, we booked a table for 12, not realising that unforeseen circumstances would prevent some of our members from being able to make it at the very last minute. And the fact that Jaquie is allergic to shellfish. Sorry, Jacquie.

Catherine and Emma decided on the menu, the invitations were emailed and everything was set.  Emma and I planned to meet Jacquie at her hotel and we would make our way to the dinner venue from there. As with most plans, they never go according to plan. The one BIG hiccup was that I walked to the hotel and it took longer than I expected. Do most  Friday-evening pedestrians not understand the meaning of "Excuse me, please?" If that's the case, I'll just bark "Move it!" the next time someone is in my way.

By the time I got to the hotel, Emma and Jacquie were already in line for a taxi and that was great because we didn't have to wait too long to get one and then we were off to Jumbo Seafood, where Catherine, Jeff and  Simon were already waiting.

Now, why do restaurants take reservations when they can't give you a table on time? If you haven't realised it already, I'm not the most patient of people. 

Anyway we eventually got our table and, in hindsight, I'm sure it wasn't as long a wait as I thought it was. Evelyn arrived just as we were being seated and the moon was high in the night sky when newly minted Moonbeam winner Sarah Mounsey made it to the restaurant after a trek from the MRT station.
Our fearless SCBWI leader, who's out of town, sent a message inquiring about the evening's proceedings. The ever efficient Kenneth Quek wanted to know if everything was going well. I was about to reply but my phone ran out of batteries. So he was kept in suspense for the remainder of the evening.

Chilli Crab 

When the food arrived, we had a hard time understanding what our waitress was saying as English was not her first language. She looked a tad annoyed with me when I asked her something repeatedly and later in the evening she kept rolled her eyes when I asked to look at the menu! Jumbo Seafood, your food's good but your customer service is much to be desired.

Chilli crab and Mantou buns
Deep fried baby squid

Now I would fill you in on our dinner conversation but you can't really do that justice on a blog post, can you? But what I will say is that it was great fun catching up with Jacquie and we can't wait to do it again.  Catherine, Emma, start planning! :) Thanks everyone for making it a fun evening. 

Here's a link to Jacqueline's website:

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