Thursday, October 10, 2013

Book Launches

Tyler Brulè, publisher of Monocle Magazine was in town for the launch of Monocle Guide to Better Living, so of course I had to head down to Kinokuniya for his talk and book signing. As this book launch did not start on time but the apologetic Monocle team handed out promotional fans and chocolates to the growing crowd. This was a first! Brulè arrived a while later, casual chic in a blazer, crew neck tee, and khaki bermudas. I wish I could pull that look off as well as he does. After a brief introduction, he proceeded to sign books for a long line of fans and his tardiness was forgiven (perhaps he was suffering from jet-lag) as he took time to pose with everyone who wanted a photo.  

Now an author who knows how to show up on time is none other than Ovidia Yu,  one of my favourite people and it goes without saying one of my favourite authors as well. Her writing is so incredibly delicious that it's no wonder he latest hit novel is about a crime-solving Peranakan Aunty who happens to be a restaurateur.  Aunty Lee's Delights will delight readers who aren't even fans of the genre. Ovidia was clad appropriately in Peranakan attire as was her moderator Stella Kon, who's best known for her play Emily of Emerald Hill, who also happens to be a distant relative, my Dad's cousin. Also in attendance were fellow authors Adeline Foo and Otto Fong.

We were treated to two songs from the upcoming Emily of Emerald Hill Musical and Ovidia provided us with insights into the creation of her latest masterpiece. Pineapple tarts and Achar were served before I got Ovidia to sign my copy of the book. After that I  high-tailed in to the Botanical Gardens for a brisk walk to work off those pineapple tarts. Aunty Lee's Delights is available at Books Kinokuniya and all good bookstores around town. If you can't find it in a bookstore, then you'll know that bookstore isn't very good.

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