Friday, October 11, 2013

Asian Festival of Children's Content Midstream Meeting

Hi all, I just got back from the Asian Festival of Children's Content Midstream Meeting. Now you're probably wondering what those three ladies with Kenneth Quek AFCC Festival Director  below have got to do with the Asian Festival of Children's Content, right? Well if you continue reading, you'll find out.

Catherine Carvell, Sarah Mounsey, Emma Nicholson, Kenneth Quek

Catherine and Sarah with  Kate Whitehead at their first AFCC in 2011.

Australia's next top Authors Catherine Carvell and Moonbeam Award Winning
author Sarah Mounsey today.

Authors Catherine Carvell, Sarah Mounsey, Emma Nicholson  have both been writing for "quite a while" but when they moved to Singapore and attended the AFCC their writing careers took off faster than Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull at this year's F1.

Emma, Catherine, and Sarah attended their first AFCC in 2011, when they only had dreams of being published. Now two years and three AFCC's later, Catherine has a book deal with a highly reputable publisher Fremantle Press and her first MG novel Darcy Moon and the Deep Fried Frogs will be released in early 2014. Sarah's won a Moonbeam for her Purple Paw Print Series and Emma will be publishing her book Princess Petunia's Dragon later this year and is currently in talks with another publisher.

They aren't the only success stories to have come out of AFCC. Ovidia Yu won The Scholastic Book Award in 2011 and her winning entry The Mudskipper was shortlisted for the Hedwig Anuar Children's Book Award this year. Big things happen when you attend the AFCC.

Ovidia reads excerpts from the Mudskipper in 2012
Now let's get back to the mid term meeting. When I arrived, Mr Rama, Kenneth and the AFCC angels: Celine, Faith, and Stephanie were busy ensuring everything was ready for the guests. A short time later, the room was packed with literary heavyweights: Emily Lim, Adan Jiminez and Felicia Low, creators of the Sherlock Sam Series; my editor Sheri Tan from Epigram; Ovidia Yu, Evelyn Sue Wong; Myra Garces Bascal and Shekinah Linn. 

Mr Rama at last year's AFCC.

Shamini Flint, Emily Lim and me @ AFCC 2012

After NBDCS Director Mr Rama gave us a brief overview of next year's AFCC, we split into groups to share our ideas. One of which was to build awareness of the event, and that's why I'm blogging about it now. Next year they'll even be an amazing writers' retreat
 (I would tell you more but I've been sworn to secrecy. But seriously, you'll be hitting yourself if you miss out).

Catherine with award winning author Norm Jogensen in 2012


Emma and  the amazing Wendy Orr at AFCC 2013

There will be book launches, performances, workshops  and forums for parents, kids and teachers and and more, much more. But I'm sorry as I said I can't tell you more than that. But I promise you, that you will REGRET it if you don't attend the festival next year. So get ready to book your tickets.

I'll keep blogging about it from now till May 2014, which is when AFCC will take place. In the mean time you can check out last year's AFCC on their facebook page:  AFCC  FACEBOOK PAGE.

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