Thursday, September 5, 2013


Sorry I haven't updated for a while, it's been a busy few weeks. Ok, about two weeks ago, my editor Sheri invited me to tour the printing offices and watch At the Night Safari go to print.  So I jumped at the chance to watch the birth of my literary baby.  I'd also finally get to meet illustraror Soefara Jafney who did such an amazing job with the illustrations. To say that I love them would be an understatement.

Sheri and Soefara at the printers.
Anxious to get to the printers on time, I left home extra early, thinking I'd be the first one there. But  Sheri beat me to it, Soefara arrived after negotiating the maze-like industrial park and after our introduction I asked why immediately she hadn't added me responded to my facebook email that I had sent months earlier. The strategy is to ask potentially awkward questions before a person has time to come up with an adequate excuse. Ok, truth be told I  probably sent it to the wrong Soefara. The rest of the Epigram team arrived and our tour began.

Printing, printing, printing.
First off, we went to the printing section, where we saw them print the pages of At the Night Safari-So exciting. It was like being in the delivery room of a hospital, waiting for your child to be born.
Well, except for the paper, the printing equipment, and the chemicals. OK, so it was nothing like being in a delivery room at all, but it was exciting nevertheless.

The prints.

Simon showed us the different contrasts on the sample prints and explained what the colours on the final print would look like.  After that we toured the rest of the printing factory, where we saw the production of product boxes, magazines and the printing plates. It was all very fascinating but of course you know what the highlight of the visit was for me! Now I only had to sit and wait patiently for the books to be delivered to Epigram the following week. And as we, all know I'm not exactly the most patient of people. Thanks, Sheri, Simon and Epigram for arranging the visit and thanks for illustrating the book Soefara!!

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