Thursday, September 5, 2013

2nd Annual Epigram Pop Up Sale

Soefara and I at Epigram (Photo: Epigram Books)

A few days later Emma Nicholson, Kristina Thornton, Soefara Jafney, Kenneth Quek and I headed down to Epigram's office for their 2nd Annual Epigram Pop-Up Sale. Everyone from Epigram was there:  Sheri, Jason (author of  the popular Bo Bo and Cha Cha series), Ruth, Ilangoh, Christine and Epigram boss Edmund Wee.  If you haven't been to a pop-up sale before, I highly recommend it. You can buy great books at terrific prices. Unfortunately At the Night Safari wasn't back from the printers in time, but I still had a great time and I bought a couple of books.  I should have brought more cash with me though, then I could have bought more So look out for the next Epigram pop up sale and don't miss it!

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