Sunday, June 9, 2013

AFCC Day Four: From Book to Blockbuster

I woke up at 5am after setting my alarm for -what else-5am. Over the next hour, I received wake up calls from Mum and Kumudha, so I had ample time to get ready to pick Wendy up from her hotel and head on down to Mediacorp Studios for her TV  interviews with AMLive and a radio show.

Wendy's books: Nim's Island, Nim at Sea, and The Nim Stories.

I got to the hotel at around 7:15am and asked the cab driver to wait and I met Wendy and Susanne Gervay who were breakfasting in the cafe. As it turns out Wendy was up as early as I was! We hopped in the cab and headed to the studio, which was where I worked as a scriptwriter about 16 years ago. I started having those flashbacks, you know the Vietnam-war-vet kind of flashback. 

I was a sitcom writer with the studios but my tenure there was surprisingly dramatic, like a soap opera amd if I   were to compare it to a soap opera it would be The Bold and The Beautiful...except in my soap opera we would nix the beautiful part. My bad :)

Anyway the studio  reception has hardly changed and neither has the canteen. Kumudha, AFCC's  Chief de PR arrived and we exchanged our IDs and passports for studio passes before proceeding to the canteen for a drink. The canteen hasn't changed at all either. In fact the stall owners all looked very familiar.

Then it was time for Wendy's interview. We were led to a green room, which wasn't very green and wasn't very much of a room. I was tempted to ask where the fresh fruit, croissants or breakfast buffet was but I behaved myself and kept my tongue in check. The producer then escorted Wendy to the studio and introduced her to the hosts for a pre-interview interview. One change I noticed  was that there weren't any cameramen anymore, everything was automated!

Once that was done we went back to the canteen for a break before the radio interview and once the radio interview was done, we  cabbed it back to the library.
Kumudha with Wendy

Wendy and me
We ran into Emma, who was just about to go for a session but she ultimately decided to join us for a chicken rice lunch.

Wendy and her roast chicken rice lunch
Emma and her chicken rice
After lunch we attended Wendy's session From Book to Blockbuster which was about the Nim's Island and Nim at Sea's journey from the page to the big screen.

 The former was a big budget Hollywood film starring Jodie Foster and Gerard Butler and the latter was a smaller budget film starring Bindi Irwin. It was great fun hearing about her adventure of having her books turned into movies. I mean what could be more amazing than seeing a world that you created on the big screen. What's even more amazing is that the genesis of the story came to Wendy when she was still a girl! Her mum even saved her first draft of the story and presented it to her at around the time of the premiere, if I'm correct.  Truly an inspiring session.

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