Sunday, April 14, 2013

London Day Two

After only a few hours of sleep I awoke and unpacked and tidied up a bit before I decided to try to go back to sleep. Celine, Ken and I decided to head to Costa Coffee for some breakfast before they headed to the exhibition centre to check out the Singapore Pavilion and I headed to Daunt Books Chelsea to drop off 30 of my books for sale on Tuesday night, which is when I'll be apart of a panel discussing Singapore Literature.
We met up at Daunt before We set off to Leicester Square as we were going to watch Mark Haddon's Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night -Time
Celine attacking her lunch

With some time to kill - Ken and I headed to the National Portrait Gallery while Celine headed to the museums of consumer spending. Then it was time for lunch! Ken spotted a reasonably priced steak restaurant so we all ordered the same thing and choked down, it was good!!

Kenneth savouring his.

My lunch and I

So with our stomachs satisfied we went in search of the theatre and thank goodness no one listened to my directions otherwise might have ended up in Vauxhall or Shoreditch.

The play -quite simply like the book-is brilliant! Luke Treadaway is an amazing actor and the show will keep you spell-bound even when you are suffering third degree jet lag, This is one show you definitely have got to watch when you're in London.

My friends Gee Yung and Chris arranged to meet up after the show and we all enjoyed a nice dinner of tapas. Then they had to dash of for a show of their own but not before we arranged to meet up for Sunday brunch.
Then the three of us checked out a comic book shop before taking the tube back to Earl's Court for our second night in town. Our trip's moving along faster than I would like. In less than a week we'll be back in Singapore.

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