Sunday, April 14, 2013

London Day One

After months of preparation I finally headed off to London for the London Book Fair 2013.

Celine and Kenneth arrive at Heathrow
At Heathrow
I'm a really nervous when it comes to air travel so thanks to my family and friends for their prayers for a smooth non turbulent flight to London because it was just that. I'm also grateful that I was Traveling with the unflappable Kenneth Quek and Celine Chow of the National Book Development Council of Singapore.

I even managed to sample some of the meals on the plane which I rarely do. So after 13 hours in the air (it  was a thankfully smooth
and non turbulent flight) we landed at Heathrow. I had a brief panic attack when we couldn't find our driver but Kenneth found him and we headed off to our hotel. 
On the way to town

I was good to be back in London, it's one of the nicest cities. Then we headed to the carpark  and  and were whisked off to our hotel, The Jade, which is a few steps from where I stayed in London during a school trip 21 years ago. Everything looks the same.

After freshening up, we decided to explore the neighbourhood. I recognized Princess Diana's pre-engagement abode Colehearne Court and I just had to take a photo by one of the entrances.

Then we headed to a Marks and Sparks to grab a few supplies. Why don't they sell those wonderfully fresh sandwiches, those ready to go trifles and pork pies here?

Kenneth and Celine shopping at the Marks and Spencer Food Hall

The rain began to come down as we finished shopping so  we darted  across the street to the Golden Dragon for a Chinese dinner. 

Crumbled Duck

Sweet and Sour Pork

As we finished our meal, exhaustion began to set in, so we paid our bill and headed back to rooms for our first night in London.

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