Monday, March 4, 2013

Dinner with Jacqueline Harvey and Lisa Yee

L to R: Sumi, Kenneth, Ian, Jacqueline, me, Lisa, Sarah (Peepy's in the middle of the table)
Last week, the members of SCBWI Singapore had the pleasure of having dinner with best-selling authors Lisa Yee, her constant traveling companion Peppy, Jacqueline Harvey,  and Jacqueline's husband Ian at the Island Cafe at Tangs. One of the amazing things about being  members of SCBWI is that we get to meet visiting authors!! The children's book publishing industry in Singapore is still very much in its infancy so to be able to meet authors like Jacqueline and Lisa, and hear about their creative journeys is fantastic. Lisa once stayed in a haunted house (I wouldn't be able to write let alone create anything in a haunted house, well, except perhaps poop in my pants!) Jacqueline and Ian just finished a successful book tour of the UK. I can only dream that may happen for me one day. I can safely say the SCBWI members in attendance: Sumi Chandrasekharan, Sarah Mounsey, SCBWI RA Kenneth Quek, and I had a great time and a lot of fun! I can't speak for Lisa or Jacqueline since they had the misfortune of being stuck next to me for the night, but I had a blast!  Thank you for a wonderful evening. 

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