Thursday, May 31, 2012

SCBWI Celebratory Dinner

The dinner spread

Adeline Foo and Linda Lingard
Author/Illustrator Susanna Goho and proud mum of Festival Manager
Evelyn Wong and authors Trevor Kew and Rukhsana Khan

Mr Rama addresses the guests

Kenneth receives applause for his hard work

During dinner,  Mr Rama thanked everyone who helped with the festival and the biggest applause was, of course without a doubt, for the Festival Manager Kenneth Quek who humbly acknowleged the crowd's applause.

SCBWI RAs: Linda, Yoko, Marjorie, Katheleen, Dianne, Chris and Kenneth
After dinner,  Kathleen Ahrens, International Regional Advisor for SCBWI spoke about the society and encouraged members to sign up. I concur, if you are an aspiring author and illustrator you've got to sign up! So with that the last guests lingered for a while before some of the speakers headed off to Raffles to grab a drink. Exhausted Festival Manager Kenneth headed home for the night to get ready for the last day of AFCC.
Neill Laurenson and I

SCBWI Singapore family photo

Faith and Mra can't believe that the festival is almost over

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