Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ok.  Been feeling a bit blah about I decided to post the text of my book Blow A Kiss here for those who may be feeling the same way. So here it is. Hope it makes you feel better. If you would like to order a copy of the book please head to the 'Buy' tab on this page.

Blow A Kiss
By David Seow
© David Seow, 2010

Can you blow a kiss?
Get ready, get set, blow
Now let's see where 
your little kiss will go

It will ride on the wings
 of sweet gentle dreams
skip by babbling brooks 
and splash in crystal streams

Weave through gold-quilted valleys
and rainbow painted plains
sweep by cities and towns,
cars, ships and trains...

Cross the biggest, bluest oceans;
brave the stormiest of seven seas...
Soar over soft, snow-capped mountains
drift through forests of a thousand trees

Pass swirling hills 
of blazing desert sands; 
fly to faraway places,
fly to farway lands.

From lands of peace
to lands at war,
to children who have barely seen a smile
or heard a laugh before,

Where people fight when they are different,
where people fight when they're the same,
but the all have families who love them
and know them by name,

Your kiss 
will brush each tear-stained cheek,
bring joy to the sad and the lonely
the hungry and the weak.

Soon your one kiss will turn into two,
two into three and three into four;
then it will grow and grow
from now till forevermore,

You see,
this is what your little kiss can do:
spread a love so goo,
so pure, so true.

For a kiss can turn any foe 
into a loving friend.
A kiss can bring any woe
to a happy end.

Now go tell everyone
just what you know
Then with a prayer and a kiss
get, ready, get set, blow.

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