Saturday, May 26, 2012

Asian Festival of Children's Content 2012 Day # 1

SCBWI Singapore: Catherine Carvell, Sarah Mounsey,
Emma Nicholson and Kenneth Quek


So I managed to drag myself out  of bed to get to the first day of AFCC just in time for breakfast, and I was ushered to the registration line to get my official festival pass and there was quite a line and I am not the type of person who likes to stand in line for anything. Thankfully I spotted Kenneth and as it turned out I was in the wrong line and I was ushered to the speakers' registration table and picked up my pass immediately and then immediately headed to the breakfast buffet where I shovelled a couple of  tuna sandwiches down my throat before heading to Bookaburra and plonking down some cash on some books. Yay! They placed There's Soup on My Fly! next to Mo Willems' Knuffle Bunny. Hopefully being next to Mo's books will bring in mo dough. 

Denise @ Bookaburra
After breakfast volunteers rang tiny bells, signalling the start of the first sessions. Today was the Asian Primary and PreSchool Teacher's  Conference, and I found it rather useful as I hope to get teachers to promote my books to their students' parents. 

William, Eddie, Sarah and Craig
After lunch Sarah Mounsey assigned me the task of operating the powerpoint presentation for her book launch of her book, Purple Paw Prints. It's Sarah's first published book ever and it's brilliant so go buy it at a bookstore near you or via Sarah's website. Her proud boys William, Eddie and husband Craig were there to support her and her big day was a whopping success!!

I also bumped into best-selling author Adeline Foo and Tarie Sabido at the rights fair but was forbidden from putting up the video that I took of them so here is a picture instead.

Tarie Sabido and Adeline Foo
Speaking of Adeline, she was one of the speakers at the Celebrating Our Stars session, where she spoke about local authors, including yours truly! Thanks, Adeline, very kind of you. After that, there was a pitching session where authors could their books or manuscripts to the executives of the exciting new online bookstore I pitched There's Soup on My Fly! obviously and hopefully they'll contact me soon to discuss the possibility of working together.

With the pitching session over, the famished attendees polished off the supper buffet in no time, so  Adeline, Cheryl, Leonard Marcus, Naomi Kojima, Yoko Yoshizawa and I headed off for dinner at the Funan IT Mall. The food was all right but the company was fantastic  and I'm looking forward to today's events.

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