Sunday, April 15, 2012

Walking Tour of Bologna

Archway to our hotel

Huge church


The walkways of Bologna
Syrian demonstration at the town square

Bologna's famous twin towers
Church with interesting brick work
The best gelato ever!!
Kenneth at dinner on our first night in Bologna. Thanks
for dinner Kenneth!

17th March 2012

So after freshening up, Kenneth and I decided to walk around town. The buildings and the architecture as you can see were amazing--really, really beautiful.  After our tour, we headed to a famous gelato shop, recommended by our hotel's GM Laura,--it was unbelievable!! If you want a taste of real gelato...Italy's the place to try it, not some place on Orchard Road in Singapore. After our tour, we headed to a mini mart near our hotel to pick up some supplies. The Indian girl at the cash register couldn't speak a word or English but her Italian was flawless!! We picked up some strawberries, a bag of potato chips and some ginormous cans of Fanta Orange and Coca Cola. Let me tell you, Fanta Orange tastes vastly different and a miles lot better than the sugar loaded garbage we get here. When we got back to our hotel, we K'oed for a bit before waking up and heading for dinner. The first restaurant we headed to was fully booked, but the one we ended up going to was rather charming with tables named after famous authors. Thanks for dinner, Kenneth, I was stuffed. With sleep gradually overcoming us, he went back to the hotel for hopefully a good night's rest before the Tools of Change conference the next day.

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