Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bathroom Emergency and off to the Fair

18th March 2012

So Kenneth and I woke at about 4am -jetlag and a 1am phone call from my mum. As Kenneth set about his work I surfed the net and before  getting ready to head down for breakfast. A funny thing is that I couldn't figure out where the water heater was but I noticed a red cable in the shower stall so I figured that it must be the heater. So I pulled it. The water seemed to heat up so I figured that was it. Freshened up and ready for our first 'work' day at the Tools of Change conference, we headed down for breakfast.

"Was there a problem in the shower?" Laura and her staff asked. "No" we answered...but as we said so we could distinctly hear the sound of an alarm. As it turned out, he had pulled the fire alarm in the shower stall.  So I suppose you could say we got things off to a ringing start.
Hotel Reception and breakfast dining area on the second
Now when we made the reservation we knew that continental breakfast would be I was expecting maybe a croissant or some jam and toast but look at what we got instead!

The best croissants like EVER!
Cheese, coldcuts, fruit and yoghurt and pastries
The breakfast buffet
My breakfast

Having eaten our fill, we called a cab and headed down to Bologna
Fieri, the site of the Bologna Children's Book Fair to pick up our passes for the Tools of Change Conference. As soon as we arrived we bumped into Yusof Gajah and the Malaysian contingent, so of course we had to snap a shot.

The Malaysian contingent, Yusof Gajah and Kenneth Quek

Once we got our passes we also ran into Cheryle and Denise from Bookaburra and caught up with them for a bit before the conference kicked off. More later....

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