Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Story Week at the Overseas Family School

Geronimo Stilton was racing down the corridor with Harry Potter, while Cinderella and Tintin darted down the stairs to the school canteen at the Overseas Family School.  It was like the characters from every story ever written had leapt off their pages and descended upon the halls of the international school. But in reality, it was Story Week at the OFS and that's why Melissa McGoldrick invited both Susanna Goho-Quek for a school visit to talk to the kids about writing and illustrating children's picture books.

I have to say that I felt rather under dressed for the occassion, if I had known there was a fancy dress dress code I would have come as Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Voldermort from Harry Potter instead of my plain old boring self.

"Are you David Seow? The author of There's Soup on my Fly?  a couple of students asked. "How old are you? asked a few others, probably figuring this follically challenged dude must be way too old to write kids books. 

Q & A Session
Settling down, Auntie Susanna and I began talking about what inspires us. As always I had to mention the antics of my niece and nephews which are always a source of endless inspiration.  Then there was a Q & A session and I have to say that the kids asked really good questions. Auntie Susanna and I then told an impromptu story about a small boy who does the silliest of things. The kids loved it!! I guess it's because they could totally relate to it. I mean I can as I still do silly things all the time, just ask my friends and family  members.

We only had half an hour at each of the four classes we visited and time went by a lot faster than we thought. At the end of each class visit, we handed out book marks which the kids wanted autographed and of course we obliged...I mean if anyone wants our messy signatures we're more than happy to oblige.  

Auntie Susanna signing for her fans

Ok, Auntie Susanna's autograph is really very nice, unlike mine. One kid couldn't even read my john hancock. "What's this?" he asked. "When I explained it was my signature, he looked at me as if I needed handwriting classes. Yes, people, my handwriting is atrocious! Some kids even brought some of my books to be autographed. Thanks guys!
Signing my book for Tintin. 

We had a blast and we'd love to visit again. Maybe next time we'll come in costume too. Thanks to the kids and teachers of OFS! We had a really fun time. 

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