Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Book Deal Dead

You never know which way the publishing tides will go.  So after months of discussions and planning, I thought that I would be releasing a book with a major publisher by years' end. But negotiations hit the proverbial brick wall and the deal fell through.

Oh, well, moving along, moving along. I've got other stuff on my plate that's keeping me busy. It's exciting but it's stressful at the same time. I'm not getting my hopes up because every time I do, I get disappointed. It's a tough thing being  kids book author. You take a lot of hard knocks that leave you feeling rather bruised. I tend to self medicate with burgers and fries and milkshakes.

Always a pick me up is attending the montly SCBWI meeting group led by our capable captain Kenneth. Though some members were MIA- Pooja, Resham, Sue, Qian etc etc, we still had a good night, discussing Catherine Carvell's latest chapter in her MG book. Good stuff, Catherine. Our group also has a new member, Evelyn, who's from Canada. Evelyn, if we were in Canada now, we'd be hanging with William and Catherine, eh? Any way SCBWI is meeting again next month, and I've made the unilateral decision that it should be somewhere on Orchard Road because that's most convenient for me. So if you're free on the 10th and that's the day after National Day come on by. We'd love to have you. I'll update you about the venue closer to the actual date.

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