Friday, April 22, 2011

Thank You Overseas Family School

On the 14th I had the honor of visiting the Overseas Family School. They've been so supportive of me and I just can't thank them enough. I have to thank Ms McGoldrik, Ms Riffel, Ms Alishjabana and Mr VanStone for having me over. I had a really good time and the kids were amazing, really smart and well-behaved. I just hope they don't get any ideas from my stories about my naughty nephew's antics.

At the end of my visit the presented me with some fantastic Thank You cards which I will be posting as soon as I scan them in. Such visits always give me a boost to carry on writing stories. Right now I've got loads of ideas in my head and I've just got to type them all down.

But for now I'll just enjoy the long weekend. Hope you all have a fantastic Good Friday and a very Happy Easter.

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