Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Taylor Swift Charms Singapore Pt 3

Crikey I thought, these are young kids and they can't even recognize their idol? Then an ear splitting shriek rang from the crowd, the kind of shriek that would have dogs from here to Ethiopia howling in pain. Taylor was spotted. Pony tail, Plaid shirt, fresh- faced and cheerful. She took a pic of the fans and they shrieked more.
Taylor's back

Then as she collected herself and her mother they emerged and the teens thrust pens, paper, toward her. So much for the no pushing rule, I thought. I held out a CD for her to sign and as she was about to sign it I was pushed back, startling both of us. She began signing for other fans.

Oh no, there was no way that I was going to let anyone push me out of getting an autograph. So I said Taylor, could you please sign this. She kindly turned to me and signed for me before she moved on to the other fans, signing and posing for pictures. I tried to get a picture  but it was impossible to get anything other than the back of heads or as you can see a close up of Taylor's ear!

Taylor's ear
I moved over to Taylor's Dad as the fans continued to swarm his daughter and his wife for photos and autographs. "Excuse me, Mr Swift," I said "My niece is a huge fan of Taylor's but she can't be here today. I'm also a children's book author and I would like to give my books to you. The very gracious and amiable Mr Swift  asked me to inscribe the books to Taylor - Can you believe it? me signing autographs for a superstar. As Mike  Meyers so succinctly put it "I'm not worthy!" I handed the books to Mr Swift who placed them in his bag and assured me that he would give them to Taylor.
Taylor and fan (photo courtesy of Manfred Kueh)

Then he handed me some Speak Now wrist bands to pass on to my niece, nephews as well as a couple of guitar picks. I couldn't believe it. I thanked him. I was a bit taken a back when he said at first he thought I was an autograph dealer on Ebay . I have to say I detest autograph dealers, like seriously detest them cos they make things harder for real fans, and I was also amused cos I don't even have an Ebay account!

Taylor Swift (Photo: Manfred Kueh)
I then said something cheesy and something he must hears the whole time and which is so cliche but which I sincerely mean: "You must be very proud. "Mr Swift smiled silently. But let's face it, he and Taylor's Mom are exceptional people and parents to have raised a gracious, kind, classy and talented young lady who is successfully navigating the treacherous and turbulent waters of fame and celebrity and  who undoubtedly will go on to  even greater heights - No that's not hyperbole!

I ventured back to the throng to try and get a picture, but it was futile. Taylor signed for everyone and then it was time to go. The Swifts got into the transport. Taylor surrounded by her minders and trailed by her fans walked swiftly, pardon the pun, to the car and with a last wave, she was off. Now, I'm looking forward to the concert tonight and I'll blog about it soon.

Taylor Swift swiftly walking
Ms Swift charmed all after a long flight and took her time with everyone. Some older stars I've met could learn a thing or two from this young lady. It was a pleasure to have met the Swifts and I wish them the very best in all their endeavours.

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