Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Taylor Swift Charms Singapore PT 2

So we all waited and as the hour approached we strategized on where would be best to stand to optimize our chances of getting our items signed. I spotted some of the concert organizers looking concerned at the crowd of restless and potentially rowdy fans. Hand phones were fastened to their ears as the stole furtive glances at the crowd of teenagers, including THIS over grown one.

I tried to look inconspicuous but it was futile. I felt like I was in my recurring nightmare where I'm back in my school uniform and my first grade teacher has handed me my math paper saying I FAILED.
Then I spotted the fan club members talking to a gentleman who I thought was a traveler. But after he moved off the fans told me that he was Taylor's Dad. No one else knew it was him and he had very kindly given them guitar picks and band braclets. Cool. They handed me an extra pick.
Taylor Swift Guitar pick from Taylor's dad.

A gift from Taylor's dad: bracelets and a guitar pick
"Don't make it obvious," they warned me. OK, I'm not exactly subtle but I held the urge to talk to him and stayed rooted to the spot.  Within half and hour the plane landed, the passengers streamed to the baggage carousel. The fans screamed...a blond lady turned and stared, bemused. I didn't have my glasses on and I couldn't see her features too clearly but I thought she didn't look too happy.

Concert organizers got into place and tried to form a kind of human barrier. One of them was pleasant telling the fans not to push. "Good luck, I thought, telling fans not to push is like telling them not to breathe ...It's impossible!

The other concert promoter was kind of curmudgeon, like me and I understand why...It was 6 in the morning. I tried making small talk, telling him I was here for my niece and I was hoping to get an autographed CD. Join the club he said. He told me he had received 300 emails from people asking for concert tickets and autographs that very day. "I was about to ask him if he wanted to receive his 301st email from...me, but I don't think he would have been amused. He told me he didn't even let his daughter come to the airport that day.

Anyway, the lady who the fans screamed for exited the arrival hall and it wasn't  Taylor....

To be continued...

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