Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Singtel Singapore Grand Prix

Back in 2008, I was thrilled when my big brother invited me to the Paddock Club to watch the inaugural Singtel Singapore Grand  Prix. Security was tight and we had to be bussed into the Paddock Club from the National Stadium. Once we arrived at our destination, I saw one of the most stunning visions I have ever seen in my life. No it wasn't one of the F1 cars, it was Miss Universe 2008, Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela.

Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008
I turned into a complete babbling idiot as I approached this Latin goddess and asked for a photo, which my big brother took before I settled down at our table for a sumptuous gourmet dinner. As I gazed around the room I spotted Mark Burnett, creator of "Survivor", socialites and captains of various industries. I felt like I was on a segment of Sesame Street, the one that Grover sings. "One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong." OK, you can pretty much surmise which 'thing' I was. Regardless, I had a blast.  Over the course of the race weekend I was also able to meet some of the F1 drivers such as Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Fernando Alonso, and F1 legend Mika Hakkinen.
Mika Hakkinen
Nico Rosberg

Lewis Hamilton

Fernando Alonso
Nelson Piquet Jr.
That first night race was memorable for lots of things: 1) Ferrari's Felipe Massa took off from the pits with the fuel hose still attached to his car 2.) Fernado Alonso won the title 3.) Renault boss Flavio Briatore and driver Nelson Piquet jr, were implicated in a cheating scandal, one of the worst scandals in F1 history.

It's been two years since that inaugural race and excitement for the Sporting event has grown exponentially. Last year there was an F1 Rocks concert hosted by Lindsay Lohan and featuring Beyonce, the Black Eyed Peas, and No Doubt. This year Missy Elliott, Adam Lambert, Mariah Carey and The Chippendales were flown in to entertain spectators between practice sessions and after the main race. A slew of pre/post race parties sprang up with race fans paying big $$$, hoping to mingle with the drivers and other glitterati. It's no wonder the main event sold out!

To Be Continued...

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