Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Singtel Singapore Grand Prix 2010 Pt 3 (Sunday)

On Sunday we headed down to the National Stadium to be bussed into the circuit once again. This time I was prepared and packed as little as possible into my messenger bag and went through security with as little hassle as possible.

We headed up to the suite at the Paddock Club where I met up with my friend Nora; her husband Darryl was down at the actual Paddock working with Team Redbull - and as you can see, I was wearing my Redbull Cap in a show of support. I must have brought them some luck as Redbull drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber came in second and third and were narrowly pipped at the finish line by Ferrari's Fernando Alonso.

I wish there were Brazilian dancers at all of my meals.

Anyway as we were about to head to place our orders for dinner, Brazilian Carnival dancers burst into the room, shaking their feathers and various body parts to the beat of the drums.  Now, it would be fantastic if every meal started this way, wouldn't it? After the pre dinner entertainment and after I stuffed my fat face, I decided to try my luck and see if I could go on the pit walk before the actual race started.

Lucas Di Grassi, Virgin Racing

The throng of guests were ushered along and instructed to keep moving. Some, however, had to stop and pose in front of their favourite driver's pit. I was just about to head back up to the suite, when security pushed me back and a human barrier formed right infront of me. The drivers  were about to go on their drive past around the track. I tried to get a photo of 7 time champion Michael Schumacher, but some jackass standing behind me thrust his cell phone infront of me blocking my view.

Sebastian Vettel at the Pit.
Michael Schumacher.
I finally managed to get to a spot where I could view the drivers waving to the crowds on their drive by only to realize that my camera was running out of batteries and I had forgotten to bring any extra! Thankfully I had a friend who had some on hand so after a quick change of batteries I managed to snap the following shots. As you can tell, a photographer I am not. I haven't gotten the hang of using my new canon camera. I suppose reading the instruction book should help.

The Drive by

Anyway after watching the drive by I headed up to Jean Georges to get something to eat: A couple of wagyu beef hamburgers with truffle oil among other things. Then I headed up to the suite for the start of the race.

Everyone had taken the prime spots in the suite so I decided to head on outdoors to the grandstand to see if I could get a better view.

The start of the Race
We left slightly before the end of the race to avoid the crowds. Last year it took me about an hour to leave the circuit and I was positively drenched. I headed back home, relatively dry and got ready to head out again to meet some friends for post-race drinks. I'm kind of surprised that we spotted some drivers out and about soon. If it had been me, I would have been completely KO'ed after driving for two hours around the track. The one question I've always wanted to ask, but have never had to cojones to do so is what do they do if they've got to poop or pee in the middle of a race. Do they just do it in their pants?

Rubens Barrichello, AT &T Williams
Jamie Alguersuari,Toro Rosso
Anyway, that's about it for this year. We bumped into more drivers at one of the after parties. Finnish driver Heikki Kovalainen was kind of surprised when I spoke to him in Finnish, so much so that he started speaking to my friend Joyce in Finnish as well.  Kovalainen provided some dramatic tension when his car burst into flame on one of his last laps. It's no wonder he needed to head out for a drink. We also spotted Rupert Grint again as well as several other drivers.  We called it a night at about 4:00am, yes I am such a party animal.  Children's authors are a wild bunch! Thanks to my family for a terrific weekend.
Rupert Grint

Heikki Kovalainen, Lotus

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