Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So at 8:30am I trudged up the back entrance of the hotel and into the ballroom where people were setting up their tables with jewelry, clothes, more jewelry, baked goods, jewelry etc. I found my table and began setting up shop. A few tables away  the other author had set up a huge standee, well over six feet, could have possibly been eight, advertising her many accomplishments and reviews. One thought kept looping over and over in my head: David Seow, you're a big fat loser; no one's going to look at your books.  I glanced to the other corner and where there was a wine table and pondered if it would be a tad early to start drinking. Yes, I'm allergic to alcohol, but I figured it would be less painful than this experience.

What I actually needed was  a soda so I tried ordering a coke  but I ending up  spitting out the strawberry cupcake I was eating when I saw the hotel was charging $ 5:00+++ for a glass. Heck the table cost $380, so there was no way I would pay 5:00 bucks for a glass of coke, half of which would be filled with ice. So parched as I was for a soda, I decided to quench my thirst with regular ice water.

With books set up, I sat down and waited and began the long arduous task of plugging the books for the next 10 hours. At least my neighbors seemed friendly enough. On my left was Daniela, an extremely friendly Australian lady selling tools (gardening & workshop kits) for ladies I have to admit I've never seen a pink crystal encrusted hammer before! Maybe Elin Nordegren needs one to keep her Tiger in check.

To my right was a local group promoting their tarot card reading biz and such. I wonder how accurate their tarot readings actually are, because if they had known how the fair would have turned out, they may not have booked a table in the first place.
 To Be Continued...

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