Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Baby Lion's Baby Spots takes a Spot!

A couple of posts ago or so, I brought up something Clayton Morris, Alisyn Camerota and Dave Briggs of Fox & Friends Weekend discussed on their show - The Reading Program, a program in which kids are allowed to choose their own text books. I believe that it is important to let kids read what they like as it will cultivate a healthy reading habit. Well as it turns out, here in Singapore one of my books, 'Baby Lion's Baby Spots', has earned a spot on the   recommended reading list  for 1st and 2nd graders.

As I perused the list of other recommended books, I was awestruck. Books by authors like Enid Blyton, Allison Utley, Stan Berenstain, and Jamie Lee Curtis (okay, she's technically an actress but she writes as well)  were on the list and my book was along side them!  Talk about sticking out like a proverbial sore thumb. But seriously,  it is an honor to be included.

Having said that, if a child chooses to read my book because he/she likes it, that's the biggest thrill of all. Thanks be to God. Have a good day everyone.

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